The owfs software is an efficient way to access the 1-wire devices.
See for the knowledge base of the owfs software at https://owfs.org
The sources are at https://github.com/owfs/owfs
The owfs software is part of the debian repo: apt-get install owhttpd ow-shell owfs-doc owfs-fuse owfs owftpd owfs-common owserver
I'm using the owserver,  backend server (daemon) for 1-wire control.  For configuration /etc/owfs.conf.
See also the Beaglebone page.

My projects

  • I've written a Drupal 7/Backdrop module to administer the 1wire devices, temperature controls, timers etc in a mysql database and a perl control script which am i using to control my greenhouse.
     download here
     A python based script project: https://gitlab.com/ulterius/owcontrol