A basic example of a 1-wire bus with components

The components include an interface / driver (DS2480B) for the serial connection to the PC. The interface can also be the USB DS9490 or the I2C devices DS2482-100 (800)
A temperature sensor (DS18B20), an I/O (DS2408) to control or to measure high/low signals  and a 16 bit ADC (DS2450) to to measure voltages up to 5V. The can also be replaced bij the DS2438 (single ADC). The I/O and ADC ICs  can be  supplied by the bus for power, parasitic power mode or by the 5V itself.

An 8-channel IO control scheme with "watch dog timer.

The 1-wire IDE (DS2408) must be controlled every couple minutes. Otherwise the 4060 count will come to its maximum, all outputs will be blocked. This prevents the heater is left on while the software is stopped for example.
The 4060 timer is reset by the strobe output of the ds2408.

LCD 16x1 characters

A hd44780 based lcd driven by a ds2408 device.   This schematic based on the old design of Hobby Boards will work out of the box with  owfs software.
For example:
owwrite /29.09C211000000/LCD_H/clear 1
owwrite /29.09C211000000/LCD_H/screen "Hello world"
See also: http://owfs.org/index.php?page=ds2408

Humidity sensor

This will work out of the box forexample: owread /26.61F63D020000/humidity. Supports also HIH4000.

Barometric pressure sensor

zie also https://www.fierceelectronics.com/components/1-wire-addressable-digital-instruments-for-environmental-monitoring