The following 1-wire components are used by me:

  • DS18B20 A temperature sensor 12-bit precision with an accuracy of 0.5 degree.Download this datasheet in PDF format
  • DS2480B An RS232 to 1-wire bus driver.Download this datasheet in PDF format
  • DS2408 An 8 bits i/o interface.Download this datasheet in PDF format
  • DS2482-800 The DS2482-800 is an 8 channel  I²C to 1-Wire® bridge device 





    Connect and using


For cabling and connectors I use with 4 wire RJ11 telephone cord. The same pin order as are using.
Pin 1 external 5V, pin 4 external ground,pin 2  data / power and 3 ground for data.

The DS18B20 comes in TO92, a transistor housing. The rest of the ICs are SMD.

The DS18B20 can also be used to measure the water temperature. Solder of the four-wire telephone wire pin 2 to the data pin (middle pin of the DS18B20) and ground at pin 1 and 3!. When the external power or ground pin 3 is not connected, the sensor is not stable. Insulate with shrink tubing legs and do a full shrink sleeve over everything. The sensor can now be cast in resin or can be used in a watertight tube.

Be careful with moisture, the RJ11 connectors or DS18B20 be affected by oxidation

The sensors are encapsulated in epoxy resin. On the right for water temperature, with the U-shaped tube, the sensor and wire does not touch the water.

There are allready waterproof DS18B20 sensors on the market.