The 1-wire devices are controlled by the owfs software and a perl script running on a discarded and a further stripped-down laptop.   My latest project is using a beagle bone black mini pc

This software is opensource thus free to download

  • controlling temperature: air, water, floor and ventilation
  • Humidity
  • Water stock control
  • Store metrics and graphs via rrdtool



Installation of the owfs software and  centos 5.x linux os

This documentation is a guideline, I can not guarantee that it works for everyone. To install the additional packages is useful if the system is (indirectly) connected to the Internet.

  • Install the OS, with software development tools.
  • Install fuse and  fuse development: yum install  fuse fuse-devel
  •  yum install rrdtool
  • Download & install owfs
    For the latest release of this software:
  • Modify the file /etc/sysconfig/owfs, forexample:

    OPTIONS[0]="-u --timeout_usb 15"
    OPTIONS[1]="-d /dev/ttyUSB0"

In this example there are 2 adapters, MOUNTPOINT[0]  is for a DS9490R and MOUNTPOINT[1] is for a ds2480 (DS9097U) with a usb to serial converter cable.
Start the owfs with 'service owfs start',  in / user/1wire will now 1-wire devices appear as 64 bit code as directories containing files to the devices to read the values and operate by writing.

For example reading the temperature of a ds18B20: cat /user/1wire/28.96959B010000/temperature